Press Adda [] is a responsible media entity that has come into being with the ideals, values ​​and beliefs of the media and its commitment to civil and individual freedom, sovereignty and independence of the country. We are not focused on anyone. As the name implies, the vernacular will be the focus of our broadcast and publication. It is our editorial cover that democracy, the constitutional system and its assimilation are guided by power, the opposition and the citizens, and the independent judiciary is a necessary condition for responsible independent communication.

Press Adda is the only medium of communication in both Nepali and English languages ​​in the world to present the voice of the people on the scales of truth, facts and fairness to create a common platform for objective presentation of news and all kinds of ideas.

V.S. Founded in 2078 BS, this media academy has managed to remain within the top 10 of Nepal by measuring in various digital scales from the very beginning. We do not hesitate to say that our popularity is growing because readers, advertisers, publishers, writers and well-wishers love our relentless hard work. Press Adda Under the Janaboli News Network Pvt. Ltd.