Kathmandu. When his wife suddenly disappears while they were out for a walk together, the husband also uses all his strength to search for her. Anyone who has vowed to be together till their last breath loses their wife. A strange incident has come out from Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, a neighboring district of Nepal. A couple went to RK Samudra in Visakhapatnam on Monday to celebrate their second wedding anniversary.

Meanwhile, his wife disappeared. Her husband felt that she was drowning in the sea. The husband was searching for his wife in the sea. Later it came to know that she was visiting her boyfriend in Nellore, Andhra.

According to Indian news agency Dainik Bhaskar, the husband informed the police after his wife disappeared from the sea. The police searched for the woman’s body for two days on the beach and nearby areas. The help of Navy helicopter was also taken for this. Along with this, marine police, divers and fishermen searched. The administration has spent about Rs 1 crore on the search.

21-year-old Cypria is a resident of Visakhapatnam. She married Srinivasa Rao, a resident of Srikakulam, 2 years ago. On Monday, the couple went to the Simhachalam temple to celebrate their second wedding anniversary and then went for a walk on the beach.

On Monday night, the couple was walking on the beach. Meanwhile, the husband received a phone call and left his wife and went to the other side, because the wife was taking a selfie on the phone. When he came back in a few minutes, his wife was nowhere to be found. After realizing that the wife had drifted into the sea, a search operation was started immediately after informing the police.

The woman escaped with her boyfriend from RK Beach and boarded a train to Kavali in Nellore. Before running away, she deleted her social media accounts and did not take her phone. After reaching Nellore, she bought a new SIM and texted her parents that she was safe with her boyfriend Ravi.

She had sent a voice message on WhatsApp to her parents that she was married to Ravi and not to try to find him.
She also warned her parents that she would commit suicide if they tried to trace her whereabouts. Read In Nepali Language 

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