Beijing [China], Nov. 2 : It is predicted that Chinese premier Xi Jinping’s re-election as the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the head of the state for the next five years will witness more hard-lined policies with regard to the economy, foreign relations, human rights and public dissent.

After securing his third term, Xi has surpassed China’s great leader Mao Zedong, hailed as the ‘red sun’. However, with an emboldened Xi, we might witness a world worse than what Mao created, reported Voices Against Autocracy. The warning signs have been showing for a long time now, as witnessed by the debt trap many countries find themselves in. It is one of the many ways in which China is trying to dominate the world.

It is also being speculated that just like Mao’s time saw the annexation of Tibet by China, Xi is planning to execute his long-term plan of taking over Taiwan, reported Voices Against Autocracy.

Xi’s plan is to hold the world to ransom, just like Mao’s time witnessed heightened aggression against other countries that resulted in China’s border problems with the Soviet, India and his intervention in the Korean War, reported Voices Against Autocracy.

Xi’s comfortable filling the Politburo Standing Committee with his close allies forebodes a future where there would be no one in the Chinese political elite to stop him from doing as he pleases, no matter how that might impact the country and the world at large.

There are many similarities being drawn between the 20th National Congress and the 9th National Congress which hailed Mao as the ‘red sun’ that was perhaps expected to illuminate the Chinese land with brilliant rays. A lot of scholars are predicting a reversal back into the Maoist era, reported Voices Against Autocracy.

The emphasis on security has particularly accelerated under Xi’s reign, as he tides to maintain his political relevance amidst slowing economic growth and the rising geo-political tension with the West.

Added to these are the recent surge in internal protests by the Chinese citizens against the establishment for a plethora of issues, including the draconian lockdown led zero-COVID strategy, purging of his detractors, economic hardships and the declining real estate sector, reported Voices Against Autocracy.

Xi intends to counter all of these unfavourable oppositions, hence, his emphasis on national security. He confirmed this approach change by saying, “The era of championing growth at all costs is behind us.”

Under Xi’s rule, there might also be a clear move away from the market economy envisioned by Deng Xiaoping to a state-led economy. One example has been witnessed in China’s ruthless pursuit to achieve self-reliance in core technologies, reported Voices Against Autocracy.
The efforts are further expected to be intensified as the US is preparing to categorically limit the sale of semiconductors and chip-making equipment to Chinese buyers.

Investment in research and development of core technologies in a directed manner will most likely come from government support, implying a greater involvement of the state in these sectors.

The dependency that China has created for the world on itself, will allow Xi to dominate the global and Chinese economy like never before. It has become nearly impossible to decouple the Chinese economy from the world’s economy, so it is an issue of grave concern, reported Voices Against Autocracy. (ANI):

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