Rainbow of Colors: Urine can appear red, yellow, pink, or green.

Waste Disposal: Non-functional substances, including nitrogen-rich waste, exit the body through urine.

Ingredients: Urine contains creatinine, urea, vitamins, and medications.

Diagnostic Clues: Doctors use urine color to diagnose illnesses and guide treatments.

Red Flags: Red urine may indicate blood and could be related to various issues.

Orange or Yellow: Dehydration, jaundice, or high protein intake can cause these colors.

Rare Occurrences: Green or blue urine may result from specific foods, medications, or infections.

Pizzy-Colored: Genetic diseases or urinary tract infections might cause this color.

Dark Brown or Black: Serious illnesses or certain medicines can lead to these colors.

Consult a Doctor: If your urine color deviates from normal, seek medical advice and stay hydrated.