Kathmandu. Tribhuvan University has released a report today. The Examination Control Division of Tribhuvan University has made public the results of 4 years BBS 3rd year.

Exam results can be viewed on both website and SMS, according to Tribhuvan University. It is stated in the information just released by the Examination Control Office of Tribhuvan University, Balkh.

Tribhuvan University Examination Control Office, Balkhu Notice (4th Years BBS 3rd Year) The results of the third year 2077 examination have been published as per the decision of the Central Examination Steering Committee.

Examination numbers 700140598, 700310069, 700300159, 700390769, 700391854, 701859914 and 708720038 for two years (70872003) He has been expelled from the examination.

The results of the exam can be viewed on the website https://tuexam.edu.np/ or by typing 4BBS (Space) Roll Number and sending an SMS to 33624.

The test results have been published with the aim of making it as accurate as possible. If it is found to be impure due to printing or any other reason, the records of this office will be informed. Certificates will be distributed from the respective campuses.

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