Kathmandu. Fly Dubai’s pilot has said that his plane is safe. He informed the air traffic controller of Tribhuvan Airport about this.

The plane developed engine failure during take-off, but the pilot did not make an emergency landing at the Tribhuvan airport. The ship is believed to be preparing to reach Delhi as there is a need to reduce the ship’s fuel. The ship has passed through Bhairahawa.

The fire in one of the ship’s engines has been doused. Even if the engine is stopped, the ship can be flown with the help of another engine. The pilot is currently flying the plane on a single engine. According to experts, it is not easy to land any ship immediately after reaching such a height.

The weight and speed on board must be controlled. It is believed that the ship should have been towed to India as the fuel on board had to be reduced to reduce weight. An airport official said, “If the plane is in danger of crashing, it should have been landed at Tribhuvan airport itself. The danger may have been averted and it was flown to India.”

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