Kathmandu. Six people were killed in a bomb blast in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, on Sunday evening. 53 people were injured in the incident at Istiklal Shopping Street.

The explosion occurred at 4:15 pm local time. A large number of people were present here at that time. President Erdogan called it a terrorist attack.

According to the local media, 7 years ago in 2015 (16) there was a series of explosions in Istiklal. Then the Islamic State (ISIS) group took responsibility for these attacks.

Turkish terrorist organization Taskim was behind it. The group has been demanding an independent country from Turkey. Istanbul Governor Eli Yerlikaya said in a conversation with the local channel TRT, “Some people have died.

The number cannot be said yet. We are treating it as a terrorist attack. We have prohibited sharing the footage of the incident on social media, as it may affect the investigation.

Locals have shared the video of the explosion on social media. A sudden explosion can be seen on a crowded street. This has created panic among the people. A video of the aftermath of the blast has also been released, in which many people are lying injured on the streets.

After receiving the information about the explosion, the ambulance, fire brigade and police reached the spot. Turkish TV channels are prohibited from showing pictures of the explosion. The police have sealed the entire area. Common people or journalists are not allowed to go to the scene.

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